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 Jewish Resource Center Library Books Catalogued

If any of you have been in the Jewish Resource Center recently, you will notice our extensive collection of books, DVDs, and video tapes are sporting new identification labels. We have gotten all of our material categorized, labeled. and put into our home-grown numbering system. It is neither the Dewey Decimal nor Library of Congress numbering systems, but rather the HHIHPC system (Hilton Head In House Pretty Correct).

The cataloging, numbering. and labeling is to assist our users in finding a specific work. Do we own it and if so, where can it be found? In future months we will work out a system for borrowing from the collection. We hope to provide book reviews in the monthly Tidings as well as displays in the JRC to highlight parts of the collection.

Our thanks go to Jane Rosenblum, Felicia Pascal, and others on their committee who put in so many hours to complete this labor of love. We look forward to hearing from our reading and viewing constituency. Please let us know what we need to address now that our labeling task is complete. Sisterhood has a special fund to support new book purchases and we welcome recommendations for additions to the collection.

Click here to see the current catalogued listing of over 1,000 volumes.

Sun, December 10 2023 27 Kislev 5784